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Monday, February 7, 2011

What Happened?!

I want to start this post with a positive vibe. Although, I was disappointed and couldn't believe that something  will happened to my blog. Even though, I haven't updated it for the past months now.. (couldn't remember my last post) I am still bothered by it. Well, what happened was... my former blog is actually redirecting to some site selling drugs to enhance your sex life. (argh!) Imagine that! I want to cry!!! Can somebody help me with that? I don't know whether it was hacked or something. And I couldn't find my blog friends here. So sad. ;(


  1. Yikes!kakaloka naman yung nagyari sa blog mo... ako nag-aadik..nagdagdag ng blogs..heheh

    The Peach Kitchen
    peach and things
    The Wandering Peach
    The Mommy Who Never Sleeps

  2. @ peachy - thanks peachy! nakakaloka talaga nangyari sa blog ko. goodluck sa new blog mo. ;)

  3. O kamusta namn?Tagal mo nawala ah. Bat nga kaya napupunta sa site ng viagra yung blog mo? kainis yun ah! Ayan na update ko na list ko at na add ko na ting new blog mo. WElcome back!

  4. Adik yang kapatid ko o tingnan mo gumawa ng gumawa ng blogs!

  5. hi anney! ok na dati kong blog. na-hacked nga. gumawa ng post na pwedeng magredirect sa site ng iba pero nabura ko na at iniba ko na din password ko. hehe.. hayaan mo mag-uupdate na ko. promise! hehe...

    ahmm.. wala pa akong asawa. mag-aasawa pa lang. hehe.. :)

  6. oo nga, andami na. masipag yan mag-update eh. hehe. ;)

  7. Hi Vic,
    sorry ngayon lang ako nakadalaw, I checked on the past msgs dun sa blog ko and saw your comment about this new blog. How are you? Saan ka na uli? I added this na to my links ha? :P Take care!

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